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LONG WAY HIATUS >>> 1.25.2011
been ON and OFF to WWW but not to my blog. :(
just say hello to my FB account:
or follow me on twitter: @alweena
and stalk on me on my foursquare:
or just browse my tumblr:

seeyah. :)

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>>> 5.03.2010
When things were bad, I wished you’d have been there to help. When they were good, I wish I could’ve shared them with you.

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>>> 4.27.2010
Being sick sucks and no matter how many vitamin C tablets I chew, I really don’t think I’ll be able to get over you.

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>>> 4.08.2010
I always knew I’d be unable to keep your attention. You’re only excited by potential future loves, who you can fantasize about longingly; or departed loves, made desirable again by nostalgia...

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>>> 4.06.2010
Some nights, I stare at my phone and think about calling you. I want to ask you to come over and just hold me until I fall asleep. I never will.

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april's fools day >>> 4.01.2010
browsed his profile today and tried to post something in his page..
hi! have you changed your number? i miss you.
maybe he could treat that as a joke.. and that would be nice.

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>>> 3.26.2010
I want you to be happy. I just want to be happy first.

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>>> 3.25.2010

If you ever think of me, I hope you do so with a mixture of longing, curiosity, pain, and sweetness. But mostly pain.

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>>> 2.27.2010
have you guys heard about..


hah! this one is VERY ANNOYING. kapag ako binuset nito, NAKO NAKO. gag flicks. JD is my source.

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new list >>> 2.23.2010
gonna delete some links in my blogroll. sorry, this is just my kind of updating my page.

message or just hit my tagboard if you want to be re-linked. :)

no more link-ex with MP users.


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i need space >>> 2.22.2010
that's what i want now. as in now.

seems like I'M PREOCCUPIED OF SOMETHING WHICH I'M NOT AWARE WHAT EXACTLY I AM THINKING and that something has already damaged my focus.

now, sipping coffee and blogging are the things I CAN DO NOW WITH MUCH FOCUS.

aaaahhh. help me!!!

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back from hiatus. :D witiwwiw!

with diana and fil. (thank you guys for inviting me!)

dyslexic kid with nice eyes. looovveeee iiiitttt!!

it felt nice kasi nagamit ko un kaalaaman ko sa mythology para makarelate sa movie. i haven't read the book pero un ung renerecommend sa akin ng isang kaibigan na magandang basahin. PERO MAS MAGANDANG PANUORIN. :)

actually, engrossed ako sa movie, hindi ako pinatulog!! kaya ngayon, hindi pa din ako makapagreview. :((



{ kape kape!!~~~ }

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I guess it’s only fair that the things you liked about me were the things you missed about her, since the things I liked about you were the things I missed about him.

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on HIATUS. >>> 2.16.2010
will be back for blah blah hours/days. :$

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left alone, ALONE >>> 2.08.2010
can't believe i'm the only one who haven't got a date for this valentines. sheesh. but, i'm fine with it. at least, i still have time to relax. hehehe.

but still, i'm bothered...

i heard Leighton Meester singing..

"Is there somebody who still believes in love?...

...i know it's hard to achieve but, can't a girl believe?"

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>>> 2.03.2010
Every night, I’d pray for the same thing: never to lose you. But I guess I never had you to begin with, did I?

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>>> 2.02.2010
I obsessed over all the signs he gave me--seperating them into which one meant nothing, which ones meant something, and which ones meant everything.

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>>> 2.01.2010
If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you. - Winnie the Pooh

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>>> 1.31.2010
Believe in your dreams but first, believe in yourself cause it needs YOU to make it come true :)

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hangout with VEN & CHE >>>

as usual, SATURDAY NIGHT; i got bored at home.
hang out ulit with TC at sky dome,
sayang, it's only venus and che who are only available.

talked a lot of chismax,
we've talked bout their love lives.
(i'm single, so i'm exempted!)
and of course,
reminiscing HIGH SCHOOL DAYS!

HAAYYS... :(

one thing i hate that night?
when we ordered CHICKEN SISIG,
but instead we got

and it cost 200. we should have ordered chicharon. :(

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>>> 1.27.2010
she was always searching for the love story. he was sometimes searching for her story too.

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new SP >>>
i'm NOW allowed to drive cars, AGAIN!

yiii... can't wait to enroll again at A1, and soon... I'll be roaming around town.. :D

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>>> 1.25.2010
i saw dingdong dantes on my way home.. he's in the truck with our vice mayor and one of our councilor wearing yellow polo shirt..

and i didn't exert such effort to take him a picture.. sayang.. he's such a beautiful scene..

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bangs >>> 1.24.2010
hahaha.. got bored today so i tried something NEW. play with my funky hair...

brushed my hair, from it's root to it's tip... then brushed.. and brushed.. tied some.. and my hair, yeah.. turned out like this..

c'mon! decide... what's the verdict?

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>>> 1.21.2010
hindi naman sa nagrereklamo ako pero...

why does everybody changes their status from single to married, in a relationship.... AKO NA LANG BA SINGLE???

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with miss tal >>> 1.17.2010

went to trinoma met her by five... then to sm makati, glorietta 4 and 5, dine out at sbarro.. landmark, greenbelt... we were supposed to go to greenhills but i told the cab driver to go to the fort instead.. it's a good idea cause we arrived at high street by eight.. walk through serendra and finally reached market market...

wala kaming nabili kahit isa. well, it's not that what we're after.

we just want to hang out together. :)

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>>> 1.13.2010
i miss childhood.. where the hardest decision to made was picking a crayon?

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>>> 1.11.2010

** nako nako.. ang daming lumalabas!! tunay nga naman..

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sunday date >>> 1.10.2010

they're my date. :)

i was supposed to buy ink for my printer and a new white shoes for school but instead, i bought a new short sleeve cover up and dine out. my bad. :(

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>>> 1.08.2010


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trx's 19th >>> 1.06.2010

trx is one of my two bestfriends. it's her birthday but i've got no presents to give. shortage. tss. i just helped her in the kitchen, oh my expertise! btw, her blockmate left the fedora i'm wearing in this picture. when i tried it on, whew, gusto ko din nito! :)

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star city >>>
i really thought i couldn't come with my fam at star city kasi i've got class until 7pm and they're leaving by 5pm. :(( my brother in law got this free ride-all-you-can tickets there, and i really want to come kasi ako lang maiiwan sa bahay.. but the plan changed. i was able to come! yehey! i rode LRT and a cab.. good thing there was already my cousins waiting for my fam's van, dine at tropical hut and learned that their spaghetti was sweet, and i really liked it, i miss my sister who master my taste of a sweet style spaghetti... upon entering the park, i hurried to the tiangges, as if they're waiting for me to arrive, I REALLY LOVE TO SHOP THERE! but my mum, the usual, told me i must enjoy the rides first. and so i enjoyed the rides.. then there are toys hanging everywhere around the play booths.. i tried once and i won, a small toy. i got hooked by it, but it's only beginner's luck. :( btw, i was with my cous's bf coz she couldn't ride coz of her condition. :( i tried the viking, and after the ride, i was kinda dizzy. next, i saw the star flyer!! the ride was cool except i have to check on my lap coz i was wearing my student nurse uniform and only a boyshorts under it. :( but i tried it twice.. and the bump car... and i saw this inflated ballon shaped like a cone, un aakyat ka sa taas and within 30 seconds maring mo un bell.. if only i was wearing my pants or shorts eh.. and the park closed around 11pm, and where all hungry. we ate at blue wave.. and i really wished i could pass my exam tomorrow..

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resume of class >>> 1.04.2010
got excited to go to class kaya i got late. hehe. i know it's not a good start. :(( pero nakakasunod pa naman ako nun ngadidiscuss yun prof.. next class is my exam! and i'm glad madadali lang ang tanong, petiks ba! (i learned it from people i met during holiday vacation!) then we decided, me and ms tal to go to trinoma. :)) she brought her SB's card so she can redeem her dream starbuck's planner. lame? nah, like everybody, she really loves coffee. moi, love their cream based frappuccino. it's actually a combination of two cards which was given by our other blockmate. for a gift of appreciation, she bought jelly beans from M&S. luckily, when we pass by SM, i finally bought my 2010 planner at papemelroti.. and ideas are now running in my mind.. i'll just post whatever i have done in my 2010 planner.. :))

** i wonder how did i resist spending my cash for some sales and food trip and spend 50php at the mall.. and i found a really cute cardigans and cover ups at landmark..

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>>> 1.03.2010
just a thought...

how about... make this blog home as a photoblog booth?

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SOP visit >>>

first time visit sa GMA 7, studio & where SOP is opened for audience. and first time to watch a live show. dami artista.. and i can tell na toxic ang mga staff dahil comercial break lang ang time allotted para sa next production ng show.. just our luck na 1st show in this year kaya madami talagang guest... actually, pagdating namin doon ng 10am, we we're not allowed to bring foods and drinks and cameras as well.. we're all seated, all fifteen of us sa harap, doon sa VIP. *whoa,VIP si alweena :)), minsan lang yon!* and nakita talaga namin face to face ang mga artista.. pero, masakit lang sa batok, kasi, nasa gitna kami ng stage... na talagang sinusundan namin ng tingin sa likod ung mga nagpeperform kasi mas tumatagal sila doon.. pero ayos lang, malayo ako sa tingin ng camera.. *konting iwas, baka kasi madiscover.... lol* rehersal before airing pala ang ginagawa doon.. at humanga nananaman ako sa mga dancer, parang gusto ko ding maging dancer... haha... *dagdag nanaman sa pangarap ko to...* lalo na kay mark herras... ang galing kasi sumayaw eh... and ALJUR WAS SOOO HOT!!! *oopss, loyal pa din ako kay papa P!*...and my mum was shouting for joross.. hahaha... the show was ended with the songbird singing... and that was around 3 pm... *AND I'M FREAKING HUNGRY!!* hindi kasi ako nakapagbreakfast... :(( pero ayos lang, after the show, we all crave for our late lunch... AT LAST!

* i enjoyed the visit but somehow, mas gusto ko ang talents ng kapamilya.. but kyla is a good singer and rhian is pretty same for marian and carla and heart.... pero ALJUR is hot talaga, swear!! :))

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new year's resolutions >>> 12.30.2009
new year's approaching and i don't have any plans yet how will i start for the year 2010.. lemme check fisrt my diary *oh my precious planner* for what i have crossed out for this year..

[] a nurse must be punctual.
[] must void all laziness.
[] don't waste money for not important things.
[] get rid of those flab, get fit!
[] you must don't act like a brat, get a life!
[] must aim for DLs!
[] i must be the ONE for him.

pause. seems like i don't have anything accomplished for this year. toinks. hm. maybe i could revise this into something.. good. i mean, imaginable. attainable, yes, that's the word!

[x] i will try not to be late.
[x] i will avoid laziness as i could, coz it'll do no good.
[x] budget is the keyword, i will apply for an account in the bank.
[x] diet & exercise, make these a habit.
[x] i will obey my parents, yeah!
[x] more focus on studies.
[x] i'm happy to be single. :)

yaaa. better. I WILL TRY is better that I MUST. :)

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drene's bday >>>

yaa. had fun with TC again with lance, lars and michael. MINUS the celeb's bro *which is my 18TH dance, lol. something happen kasi between him and one of my friends, and there's no need to widen the issue.* that night was also our post christmas party... nagbunutan kami noon and we had games too!! PINOY HENYO at talo kami ni desmond. the consequence? IINOM NG ISANG BASONG THE BAR STRAIGHT, at kinaya ko yon! hahaha. pati din si desmond kinaya niya. :)) when we received our exchange gifts, nakakatuwa kasi all three of us, ME, TRX AND MC, kami kami lang ang nakabunot sa isa't isa. and we thought, soulmates kami. :)) i received 2 belt from trx, mc received from me, a tumblr and she gave trx a weird kind of watch and a hamper, sweet! :)) the funniest gift was received by lars, from venus. grabe, pinagisipan talaga. and it was a FIREWORKS!! a fountain and mga lusis na ginamit na din namin. hahaha. good thing hindi ako nabunot ni venus, IT WAS REALLY HUMILIATING BUT IT WAS FUN!! later that night, we played HEART ATTACK * a card game.. * kala ko nga ako matatalo eh, pero hindi.. got home around 12 midnight, na ang layo lang naman sa bahay namin ay, wala pang kalahating kilometro.. :))

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>>> 12.29.2009
not all love stories have happy endings, sometimes they belong to someone else;
who's really meant for them...

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>>> 12.28.2009
and i heard taylor swift's song again..

i was begging you please don't go...

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fam reunion 09 >>>

i hosted the whole event kasi tita can't talk louder, i mean she can't shouut like me!! hahaha. good thing it was only my relatives who's watching... i make fun of each every games and contestants *which are mostly childs, of course...* but, not to embarass them but to have fun... i don't want a show that my audience can't enjoy noh.. so i played pinoy henyo with russel and we didn't won. sorry dear! :( but really, i tried my best, pero TENSED talaga ako. for some production number, i volunteer myself to sing and dance LADY GAGA's "POKER FACE".. i don't know what gotten me but i was sure, i was very confident to sing and dance in front of my relatives... hahaha... and i don't have any idea too if what they think about me..?

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i need a break from the loneliness that is totally consuming me.. and new year's coming, i want a new happiness..

yeah, a new happiness indeed.

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>>> 12.27.2009
sorry i wasn't good at dressing up like on, but i can say it's all fun. :) i was inspired to do this style kasi i found many at so many ideas. but, i just can't tell what kind of style is this. SORRY!

the neckpiece is a butterfly shape with some bubbles on it's center is made of porcelain *mum gave this to me as a random gift, she bought this some time ago. actually, nung 1st year highschool pa lang ako, imagine that!*; the blazer was knitted and have lace on its sleeves by shapes *tita gave this to me, as a random gift also*; the white bohemian skirt used as dress, *mum bought this at baguio, where UK began*; the denim belt *just found it in the closet*; and the sandals by natasha *ate's owned*.

yaaaa. no plans for uploading this at, maybe when i have so many looks must be post. tried it just for fun. :)

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dress up >>> 12.22.2009
boredom lead me to

and my curiosity, of how many pinoys have poses account at, my jaw almost dropped. i was browsing two thousand plus profile for three hours already! *sigh* okay, my time wasn't turned to crap cause i found many inspirations, though, i have my own style.. (ehem, i'm casual type, okay?) cardigans, vintage dresses, peep-toes and polymer clay accessories was added immediately to my shopping list for next shopping. and, will try to shop clothes atthrift stores.. ( i usually shop at trift stores for my bags and shoes, not for clothes..) among two thousand plus profile that i've clicked on, there's only one profile that i bookmarked..

{Katrina Tapang, 23 year old pseudo intellectual rebel from six feet under} we've got the same aura! i love every pose she made.. it's very casual... just like my style. i love my own style, so i love hers. cotton vest, flats, graphic tee, checkered blouses, wide bags, body bags, dog tags and... everything!

**yaaa. can't wait to dress up... i found many fashion ideas for parties, di na ako magpapakapal ng mukha!!! :))

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cherubin's phase 3 blessing >>> 12.13.2009

with whole fam and other relatives. yii. the place was so awesome! :) and there was a giant Buddha made in China *that's what i've heard, huh.* and the 3 wise men.. and the Chinese zodiac signs.. look at the pictures above and you'll see me and my chinese zodiac, SHEEP! :))

please visit their site...

hah! free advertising! :))

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>>> 12.10.2009

i would really hate to realize that giving my all to you was never worth it.

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he waved hello, i waved goodbye...

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hospicio days >>> 12.05.2009

**will miss these days.....hayyss..**

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>>> 11.20.2009

i seem to have lost whatever it was that i never thought i had anyway.

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my 6570th day of existence >>> 11.07.2009


**never been this happy and beautiful!!**

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>>> 11.04.2009

tita yayang's birthday. i was late! simple dinner but, i got kinda dizzy, damn that cripsy ulo!! drank up with some relatives, kahit hindi nagpaalam... hala..

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invitation >>> 11.03.2009

invitation (ang arte. haha)

mum told me i must prepare some invitation para controlled un pupunta. wala naman akong ininvite na madami eh. it's just that, karamihan, personal ko lang na sinabihan. sana makapunta silang lahat!! :)

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>>> 11.01.2009

sort of a family reunion. :))

it was my first time to come late in the cemetery! hehehe.

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magbabalik >>> 10.29.2009
i'll be back. SOON. :)

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the wake >>> 10.14.2009

as one of the brains of the group, hell yeah!

bakit ba ako nagpapakapuyat dito sa letseng case study na to. bat ba kasi ako nagmamarunong eh! bakit ba walang kusa ang mga members??? lalo pa ung mas nagmamagaling sa akin! anong silbi nila? wala!! kahit nga pagkain ako pa nagbibigay sa kanila. bakit pili lang kaming naglalamay sa case study na dapat bukas ay maipasa na at hawak ng isang groupo na naglalaman ng labing isang miyembro.. idagdag pa ang narrative reports, and evaluationn bukas! ang mga inaasahang makeup classes!! ang pesteng mga langgam sa paligid, ang tiyan ko na walang sawang sa pagGRRRR... isang malaking, F#$% Y@#$!!!!!

huuu. makaraos lang oh. :/ {just f*cking tired.<

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movie date >>> 10.07.2009
nakatanggap nanaman ako ng movie passes from ate belle. at napanuod na din nila un. sayang, kala ko sila nanaman ang kasama ko manuod. PERO, mas maganda pala na hindi sila ang kasama ko. kasi alam ko, lagi naman silang nanunuod sa sinehan. MABUTI na lang may mga friends akong wiling sumama sa akin.

year 2008. meron akong 6 passes. ang movie pa nga nun, CITY OF EMBER. tapos inaya ko na sila nhek, tine, aikit, yves at fevie. gusto din naman nila un kasi libre. sino ba naman ang tatagi sa libre diba? bago kami pumunta sa sm north, bumili muna kami sa 7/11 ng foods, popcorns, and anything. we're ready na wo watch the movie. pero pagdating sa sm north, di naman showing. nagtransfer kami sa trionoma, only to find out na hindi din showing. i was totally embarassed kasi pinangakuan ko sila ng movie tapos hindi na pala showing. could still remember what they're teasing me day after..

"grabe, ang ganda talaga ng city of ember!... un, si ember, siya ung mayari nung city.... tapos si namamasyal sa america si ember nun makita niya ung city.. nagkainlaban sila.. ay, pinatay ni ember ang city! horror!! pero may comedy din.. kasi si weena, ililibre daw kami ng movie, at pagdating namin di naman pala showing... " OKAY! so much of laugh trip..

duty sa health center. kala ko si suing ung kasama ko manunuod, kasi napagusapan na nun monday pa. pero puyat daw siya. inaya ko naman si ms tal, wala daw siyang pera. tapos si carla, she's going to her lola daw sa hospital. tapos si bhabes, BUTI na lang pumayag. yey! then, tinext ko si ehem.. si eks na malapit lang doon sa pinagdudutyhan namin. pero hindi ko na siya naintay kaya nauna na ako nun dinismiss kami. nung pagkaalis ko naman, tska siya nagpunta. nagkasalisi kami. pinasunod ko siya sa supermarket na malapit dun kasi may groupmate akong magbibirthday bukas. at ang ibiili namin para sa kanya ay alak. sparkler lang pala. :P tapos pero nalaman ko na lang, kasama boyfriend niya. wiling daw magbayad ung bf niya para sa movie. (good for two lang ung passes, and it'll count mine and bhabes' head.) okay lang sa akin.

_____save ko muna. gosh, pinapalayas na kami nun bantay sa internet lab. BWISET. to follow na lang. tcccc! :)

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veronika decides to die >>> 9.30.2009
this time i won't talk about my own personal life (yeah, you read it right), but it's kinda, lika, sorta, na mejo, may pagka-relate din siya sa buhay ko kasi, isa to sa mga conversation i had with a friend. i knew this is ain't different coz i've been sharing real life conversations i.e with ms tal, mum, crushes, etc. but this time it's kinda different. napakaunsual nun usapan namin. he's my friend, pero hindi ganun kaclose. okay, naging close ko pala siya nun 1st year college pa ko, pero, ngayon hindi na talaga. usual texts includes jokes, quotes and musta musta lang.. alam ko makulit siya at iba trip niya.. at itatago ko na lang siya sa pangalang mojo jojo :D

time check: 1:30am
already sleeping pero hindi ko pa din maignore un cp ko, na tignan kasi may nagtext. it was mojo jojo.

MJ: gising ka pa?
Me: oo
MJ: bakit gising ka pa?
Me: kasi hindi ako tulog
MJ: bakit hindi ka pa natutulog?
Me: kasi nawala antok ko
MJ: ahhh...
Me: eh ikaw, bakit gising ka pa?
MJ: kasi malungkot ako
Me: bakit?
MJ: kasi sawa na ako sa buhay ko.
Me: nako, masama yan..
MJ: sobra
Me: bakit?
MJ: bakit sawa na ako sa buhay ko o bakit masama un?
Me: both
MJ: una, kasi, paulit ulit na lang, nabasa mo na ba ung veronika decides to die? kung nabasa mo na un, ganun ako, pangalawa, kaya masama un kasi un na un..
Me: nako, suicidal ka na? wag muna. diba madaming nagpapasalamat sa diyos un mga binaha, hindi kasi sila namatay, they're very thankful kasi buhay pa sila. dapat nga sila na un hopeless kasi la na talaga silang hope, meron pa naman pala, pero, kumbaga, back to zero na sila. eh ikaw? di ka naman naapektuhan nun bagyo, may bahay pa kayo, kumpleto pa kayo, so, anong inaanagal mo jan?
MJ: matagal na un bagyo sa buhay ko, nakakasawa na at lesson learned na din un sa mga binaha kasi hindi naman nila inaalagaan ang kalikasan, lalo na un mga taga marikina
Me: eh ikaw ba, inaalagaan mo ang kalikasan? wag mo sa kanila lang issi kasi lahat ng tao ang may kasalanan dahil nangyari un.. naging pabaya tayo.. stka, kung may bagyo man yang buhay mo, how baout rainbows? nako *****, wag mong tularan un veronika na un, just think of something fun, stress lang yan..
MJ: oo, inaalagaan ko ang kalikasana, hindi ko un sinisira... mahal ko ang mundo.. how can reinbows be visible if the rain won't stop falling?
Me: kapag inalagaan mo ang kalikasan, naglalakad ka papuntang school, hindi ka nagaaircon, you don't use anything that can harm mother nature.. got it? and maybe, you should need a lil sunshine so the rainbow'll show... think about it.
MJ: nagllrt ako, so eco friendly ang lrt, kung makikita mo un bag ko, puro basura kasi hindi ako basta basta nagtatapon ng basura sa kalye, kapag may nakikita akong kuting, pinapakain ko, and besides hindi naman talaga binabaha ang marikina ha, kasi may kalapit na bundok un, kaso, kinalbo nila o hinayaan nilang makalbo, kaya ayon, global warming + illegal ligging = massive floods! pero nasaan ang sunshine?
Me: would you have altleast faith so your long lost sunshine shows! how about using electricity, and cellphones? nakakatulong ba un? at bakit mo ba sinisisi sa marikina un pagkakalbo? dapat un sa mga tao sa bundok.. kasi di nila pinoprotektahan un, wala sanang magcucut ng trees don..
MJ: electricity is not a pollutant, so hindi siya nakakasira ng earth.. at tska ang mga taga marikina ang kumalbo sa bundok o kung hindi man sila, hinayaan nilang makalbo yun.. hindi ba nila naisip ang pwdeeng manyaru kapag hinayaan nilang masria un at tska isa pa halos walang drainage system ang mga lugar na binabaha, kaya sisihin ninyo ang gobyerno! and how can yourely on daith when you know that faith can't save you?
Me: zzzzzz.. (it's already 3am when i received his text and i'm snoring na that time, sorry.)

woke up around 9:30 pagkabasa nun text niya, nagreply kaagad ako BUHAY KA PA BA? and until now i'm still waiting for his reply..

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no classes >>> 9.29.2009
it's good to be back! i was editing my layout last saturday when the internet shut down. YEAH. it was affected by bagyong ondoy too. goodthing, our electricity and water supply didn't go down. kababalik nga lang naun. i think it's okay, i miss being a couch potato; switching channels from travel & living to f tv then MTV then V channel and ABS.. that's what i've been doing since the internet went off. i also checked out channels from channel 6 to 92. whew, philippines is all over the news! the video of disaster kept on playing and there goes the weather man telling us that there will be another typhoon comings. hayy. staying at home and watching those videos kept on playing in the news is not GOOD. parang, NO, totoong; naawa ako. people from pasig and marikina. CHEST-HIGH FLOOODS, men, it's not really good. people staying at their roofs with no food and wearing their wet clothes; missing loved ones, and those who died. what can i do just to ease that pity for the people who got affected?? I DID JUST PRAY; for people's safety; sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo; sa mga nawawala and for the soul of those who died. i think that's the best what i can do, i can't offer them money, foods, or clothings. oops, i can also offer them myself, but i don't know where. HAYY. so, i think, i'll just pray for everybody. :(

we don't have class till tuesday. our duty will be resumed on wednesday. i hope, our school would encourage us to help other people. instead of duty, we'll just help people from the evacuation center. medical missions, at least. by that way, we could lend our help to them.

PS: my aunt and here family from marikina is still missing. their house, though it has 2nd floor was doomed. same with my cousin from pasig. we don't have any contact yet. PLEASE include them in your prayers, thank you.

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homestay >>> 9.26.2009
on tabs: facebook, photobucket, tumblr, multiply, deviantart and blogspot. also tried youtube. bored pa din kahit kaharap na ang buong mundo. di pa din umuuwi si kuya, nastranded din siguro siya sa baha. oo nga pala, while dinner, nanuood kami ng news. über nakakatakot lumabas kasi baka hindi na din ako makauwi. goodthing, hindi natuloy ung class, ung balak namin nila miss tal, at ang birthday party ni venus. my cuz even asked me kung ano un mga alternative way bukod sa NLEX kasi 3 hours na silang stranded doon. i told them, na wala, na maghintay na lang sila kasi ganoon din un nangyari sa tita namin nun sobrang lakas din ng ulan. 6hours lang naman sila nastranded. whew.

btw, i found something na pwde kong gawin aside sa pagchill dito sa bahay at pagtambay dito sa harap ng PC.

* doodle shoes by alex (found at MP! sana nagdoodle din siya ng jansport)
* accessories using polymer clay (where could i buy this?)
* voodoo dolls (sa deviantart, and sa MP din)
* customized notebook (GUSTO KO NITO! ayy, sketch pad pala)
* icons

argh.. i forgot about my phone.. nakaunli pala ako for a day, bakit ko ba kinakalimutan un eh minsan na nga lang ako magload??

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that 92509 day.. >>>
seems like yesterday wasn't a good one. :( okay lang naman ung first two class ko, pumalya lang don sa 3rd and fourth hanggang nakauwi na ako. 3rd class, ay un role play. 2nd group kami na magprepresent. kala namin hindi kami aabutin kasi, 1 hour and 30 mins un class, at 45 mins na un naconsume nun 1st group. kaya bilang una sa mga cast sa 1st scene, hindi talaga ako ready. ni wala nga akong costume bilang teacher eh. (actually, ung presentation na un, teaching stategies kung paano magturo sa mga preschoolers.) okay na un mga studyante. tapos hinagilap ko naman un mga props, nawawawala. okay, magi-improvise ako bilang teacher. numbers, alphabet and shapes. deym. ang hirap ata nun, nagulo talaga ako. un mga audience nga parang bored na bored kasi wala man lang nagrereact. nakakapressure kasi, un 1st group sobrang saya nun presentation nila. after nun 1st scene, nagexplain ako bakit ganun un mga ginawa kong strategies for learning. after nun, tapos na ung part ko. sasabihin na dapat ni sir ung GRADE namin, buti na lang nasabi namin na hindi pa tapos un, patikim pa lang un.. (ang pait naman na patukim un..).. hayy. pero ayoko nun mga narinig ko.. such as, di daw kami prepared (nasan na un mga props namin?), wala daw sequecing (nasan na un mga props namin?), and blocking (bakit nga ba doon ang pwesto nila?). well, babawiin ko na lang sa written report.. hayy. parusha.. idagdag pa un next subject, reporting, kami naman, pero hindi natuloy kasi nagpaexam un unang reporters. at un exam nila, kung wala kang common sense, di mu masasagutan. nun nagrarationalize na kami, nagkagulo na. pero namanage pa naman nun mga reporters na idefend. nun pauwi na, sa bus, sobrang traffic naman! nun nasa tricyle na, nabasa naman ako dahil sa ulan, at lakas ng hangin. at nun malapit na akong bumaba, di ko mahanap un wallet ko, nataranta na ko, kasi may mga kasabay din ako sa tricyle. waahhh! ginawa ko na lang, sinabi ko na lang sa driver na ihatid ako hanggang samin. pagdating sa amin, kinatok ko na kaagad un mum ko at humingi ng bente at pinabigay ko dun sa katulong namin, kasi naiinis talaga ako. kamalasan nga naman.... pero nun nasa kwarto na ako, talagang hinanap ko ung wallet na un aksi imposibleng NAHULOG or NADUKUTAN ako. un pala, nasa isa sa mga madaming pockets ng bag ko un nawawala kong coin purse. :( talaga naman..

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sssshh >>> 9.24.2009
enjoying my stay here at our internet lab. hehe. libreng aircon. pero bawal to, for studying and research purposes only. ang inet naun no? at gutom pa din ako; kahit kakakain lang namin sa KFC. di kasi ako nakapagbreakfast, ang saklap. nandito kami naun kasi nagcracram kami para sa reporting ng groupo namin. ARGH. di kami aware na ngayon na pala kami. GOODTHING, ako na un nagdesignate sa mga kagroup ko tungkol sa report, pangit mang tignan, na magkakaiba kami, okay lang. INDEPENDCE is cool. YEAH! lahat sila abala sa pareresearch at ako, eto nagbloblog lang. questions lang naman kasi ang ihahandog ko sa report namin mamaya. tapos introduction. mga madadali lang un ginawa kong questions para pumasa naman un mga kaklase ko. (at sana din, un ginawa nila madadali rin para makapasa ako. yehey!)

eto na si kuya, nagiikot. teka, nakalagay kasi sa board; NO seat-in allowed; porno, chatting, games, friendster, oL tetx messaging, changing of wallpaper, downloading of unecessary files..... di naman sinabing bawal ang blogspot account, ang cbox app at ang facebook! yeah! walang dapat ikatakot kung ganun. pero.. ang dapat pala katakutan ay etong katabi ko, ang sama na ng tingin sa akin kasi PULOS pleasure lang ang ginagawa ko, parang sinasabi ng mga mata niya na " hoy! akala mo kung sino ka! hindi porket ikaw ang nagdesignate eh magayayan ka na din, MAKICRAM KA DIN!"

oh eto na po muna sa ngayon. bukas na ako magbubukas, makikicram muna ako sa kanila.. xP

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moimosprexus >>> 9.23.2009

yey! isip bata nanaman ako naun. kakatapos ko lang magadopt ng monster at moshimonsters!

- a flying monster. it's original color was black and red. named him after mr447. (phonebook entry) ang kyut, parang pet soc lang din. pero parang neopets din. hayy. miss ko na sila luapaul (pet society) & kewl_na_wena (neopets).

time check: 11:00am. 11am din ang call time namin naun para sa practice at paggawa ng props for HE. OKAY. late nanaman ako. tss. yari nanaman ako nito sa mga kagroupmates ko.. anon bang magandang alibi?

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tumblr >>> 9.22.2009
following GOSSIP GIRL, blake, leighton, ed... argh!!! there's just only one thing i can't do with my account.. I WANT A RAINBOW LAYOUT! di ako marunong sa HTML at ng CSS.. tss.

anyway, follow me here. --> WEENS @ TUMBLR. :)

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cha's 18th >>> 9.21.2009
parang usual na gala lang sa mall. execption sa foods. YEAH. nabusog kami talaga, un tipong inuwi na namin un mga pagkain kasi nakakapanghinayang naman hindi kainin eh hindi pa naman din bawas un. though walang RICE na nakasama, well, nabusgog talaga kami. LITERAL.

11am ang usapan namin na magpupunta sa mcdo malapit sa school namin. pero dahil isa akong pasaway na bata, 11am ako umalis sa bahay. hehe. akala ko kasi, magllrt kami pero hindi pala. nagtext sa akin si aikit na ihahatid daw kami nang sasakyan nila isah. edi nagmadali ako, pero buti na lang mabilis lang naman un byahe ko kasi wala naman traffic sa nlex. (kapag may pasok kasi, umaabot ng 1 hour un byahe ko, kasama na ang traffic.) dumating ako ng mga 11:30 at nandon na silang lahat. kulang lang pala si fevie kasi wala daw siyang pera. laking gulat ko lahat kami nakashorts. (teka, may magiiceskating ba na nakashort?) at ako na lang pala ang hinahantay, ay si isah pala at ang kanilang sasakyan.

12:15pm dumating sila isah, with her mum and driver. kinausap pa nila aikit si tita kasi iniintay pa pala sila rodel at mac. pero umalis din kami kaagad kasi sabi susunod na lang daw sila. pagsakay namin ng starex, binigyan na agad kami ng cheeseburger with double go large ni tita. (kasi may promo un jollibee na free bottle ng UAAP every purchase of double go large nga din) okay un kasi mejo matagal un byahe namin. habang nasa sasakyan, kung ano ano un pinagusapan namin, about school, BOYS(yeah!), profs, other common friends (as in gossips, haha.) and lahat na! halatang nagkamiss-an kami kasi uber tagal na namin hindi nagkasama nang ganoon.

13:30 na kami nakadating sa moa. humiwalay na kami kay tita nang lakad. hindi na muna kami kumain kasi busog pa kami dun sa jollibee. pakikot ikot kami doon sa moa kasi un iba, first time lang nila doon, at ako din namiss ko ang pagpunta doon, pero siempre hindi mo na ata maalis sa akin ang pagre-reminisce kasi SOBRANG dami talagang hindi dapat pang alalahanin ang nandoon sa lugar na un.... (BITTER EH NO?)

dumeretso kami sa ice skating rink. WHEW. uber dami naman nang tao!! silip kami kung magkano, pero parang biglang ayaw nang mabuksan nun wallet ko, kasi ang mahal. (umiral nanaman pagiging kuripot ko). nagkaayawan na din kasi halos lahat sa amin hindi marunong. isama na ako dun, pero game talaga ako kasi ADVENTURE un. last time na nagice skate siguro ako is nun 4th year highschool pa, at 3 pasa ang iniuwi ko sa bahay namin.

sa sine lang ata kami nagkasundo. at ang palabas? KIMMY DORA. (parang eto lang un sine na pinanuod nila mum and dad last last week). kahit alam ko na un flow ng story, game pa din ako kasi alam ko na tunay na nagenjoy ang parents ko nun nanuod sila nito. nang makabili ng ticket, tska lang namin napansin sila rodel at mac. nandoon na pala sila at sila pa ang mas nauna kesa sa amin. 1hr pa bago magstart kaya umikot na muna kami ulit sa mall, pero nahinto din nun dapat na bibili kami ng food sa hypermarket. 15:15 ang start mg movie. pero naalala ni cha na kaya pala kami nagpunta doon kasi birthday niya kaya tumuloy na kami sa BK. may bago silang burger, called ANGRY WHOPPER JR. un na un binili niya para sa lahat para lahat may libreng sundae. ilan nga ba kami? isah, cha, aikit, tine, nhek, ako, yves, rodel at mac.

15:00 nang pumasok kami sa cinema 2 ng moa. madami pa ding tao, buti na lang nakahanap pa kami ng pwesto. tapos inaya ako ni cha na bumili ng popcorn. paglabas, grabe ang haba ng pila, inabot kami ng 10 mins sa pila at 5 mins sa pagkuha nun popcorn. di ko na tuloy napanuod un mga trailers. at muntik na namin hindi masimulan un movie.

ang saya talaga manuod ng comedy. (alangan naman umiyak?) puro talaga kami tawa. ang galing talaga ni eugene domingo bilang KIMMY AT DORA. ang kyut kyut. napaga exag nga lang talaga. COMEDY nga eh. halos di nga ako nakakain ng popcorn at pulos sip lang ang ginawa ko sa softdrinks eh. hindi ko na din nakain un burger.

after ng movie, laughtrip talaga. habang nagiikot sa moa, si mac at rodel nagbabatuhan ng mga korny jokes. hayy. sobra ko talagang namiss ang n1-1. kahit un kasing paulit ulit na joke nila noon, hindi pa din ako immune.. tawa pa din ako ng tawa... sana maulit ulit itong mga ganitong moments...

hinatid na namin si isah kay tita kasi aalis na sila, kami kasi ayaw pa namin umuwi, gusto din kasi nila maexperience un abutin ng gabi sa moa. ako, iisa lang naman ang gusto ko eh, at un ang makasama sila ng matagalan...

at ayon, tambay lang kami sa may seaside... kwentuhan.. at nagpapahinga syempre. nun na lang ulit ako nakaramdam ng kahapo-an(kapaguran) eh.. at pagod na din ako sa kakakwento.. heheh.. joke lang.. linibre ulit kami ni cha ng tusokstusok, akin kikiam. masarap pala un.. tapos sumakay na kami ng jeep papuntang lrt.. buti na lang wala masyadong tao kaya nakaupo pa kami.. nun nakaupo na kami, halos walang nagsasalita sa amin kasi halatang latang lata ang ang bawat isa sa amin. kung pwde nga lang pumikit doon, baka lahat sila pumikit na. dumating na kami sa station kung saan kami baba, goodbyes are really hard talaga ano? kasi parang ayaw pa namin maghiwahiwalay pero pagod na kaming lahat.. so... until next time na lang.. siguro, sa 18th ko din...

paguwi ko sa bahay, pagbukas ko nang bag, sari saring pagkain ang nakita ko. may popcorn, cheeseburger at un angry whooper jr na binili ni cha for us.. linagay ko na sa ref at sa lalagyanan un popcorn, at un whooper jr. na ang kakainin ko... para masarap, pinainit ko muna.. at nun kakainin ko na siya.. isang kagat lang, BOOM! ano un, sili?????? sobrang anghang!!! sa inis ko doon sa burger, binigay ko na lang sa kuya ko.... magmumushroom swiss na lang ulit ako, next time na kumain ako sa BK...

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that ID experience >>> 9.18.2009
deym. ang sakit nun ID kanina! bat kailangan ganun siya kahapdi sa balat? un pakiramdam ba eh, parang linagyan ng alcohol ung sugat mong sariwa. GANUN SIYA KAHAPDI. naaawa ako sa sarili ko habng tinuturukan ako ng kapartner ko sa return demonstration. samin kasing dalawa, ako un naunang maginject. eh lalaki naman siya, kaya kahit papano siguro kaya niyang itilerate kung gaaano kahapdi un. nun ako na un nagpeperform, mejo kabado kasi unang beses ko pa lang gagawin un sa talang buhay ko, whew! tapos, ayos lang naman siya.... parang wala lang nun natusok ko na, pero nun nainject ko na, un liquid. NAAAWA AKO! tapos nun turn na nun kapartner ko sa paginject sa akin, mejo ok lang ako nun tinurukan ako. kasi manipis lang naman, pero, nun ininject na un gamot.


BAT GANUN SIYA KAHAPDI. halos manilipit ako sa pagtiis kasi über hapdi nga sa balat. nakikita ko nga din un reaksyon kanina nun CI ko and un partner ko. alam ko kinabahan siya sa reaksyon ko, kasi, napakaunusual naman na parang akong timang namimilipit para pigilan tumili, tapos paos pa nga pala ako, kaya, basta. i really looked weird that time. argh. then after, halos magsugat un lower lip ko kakakagat, para pigilan. buti pa nga hindi ako natumba sa stool. kasi pati paa ko pala namimilipit. eee.. pero mission accomplished na, AT LEAST I'VE EXPERIENCED NA KUNG PAANO UNG LINTEK NA ID NA YAN...

hey! may waiver nga naman, bakit di na lang ako nagdahilan para hindi ako nakasali sa kalokohang iyon??

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fam date >>> 9.16.2009
woke up from an aftie nap around 6pm, with uniform still on, sa sobrang antok ko. pagbaba ko sa dining, kumakain na ng dinner un mum ko. then she called me.

mum: sama ka?
me: san?
mum: watch movie. un kay ate v.
me: oh? showing na ba un?
mum: yeah, tumawag na ako, last full show will start at 8:30pm.
me: ahh.. (nodding..) sino sino kasama?
mum: daddy mo at mga ate mo.(ate and my bayaw)
me: ahh.. libre naman yan diba?
mum: ano pa nga ba?


pagdating sa mall, pumunta kaagad ako sa bilihan ng chips, pero parang kontrabida na ngayon ang dating ng mum ko.

me: need natin ng chips para sa movie.
mum: hindi na, kakakain lang natin ng dinner.
me: iba kapag nanunuod.
mum: may kendi ako dito, un na lang.
me: ayoko nyan. kahit eto lang. (hawak ko isang pic-a bbq flvr.)
mum: (silence...) o sige, yan lang.
me: how about drinks?
mum: wag na, magtiis ka na lang. tska 2 oras un movie, baka maihi ka pa. sayang naman un binayad ko.
me: (oo na lang..)

hindi namin nasimulan un movie kasi nagkahiwahiwalay kami. un dad ko bumili ng coffee, yun ate ko naman nagrestroom. mum bought 3 tickets. un ticket ni dad un kakaiba kasi senior citizen, may 20% discount siya. sana meron din para sa student. lol. hindi naman ganun kapuno cinema kaya nakahanap pa din kami ng seats na magkakatabi kami.

sa totoo lang, sobrang nakarelate ako dun sa movie. idagdag pang kasama ko sila mum. namaga un mata ko, kasi nakakakaiyak. lalo na un scene kung saan gusto pala nun isang anak ni ate vi na maging isang doctor, pero sabi ng nanay niya wala naman daw silang ganung pera at maaga naman din daw siyang magaasawa. hayyyyy. sila mum kaya, alam kaya nila ang gusto ko??


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new number. >>> 9.14.2009
yeah. bought the new tattoo sim from globe. fancied by their ad yesterday. together with miss suing, punta kami sa sm val. pagdating sa globe, bumili na ko. sayang, walang available na kulay pink. hmm. pero, gusto kob un number na nakuha ko. parang hotline na makikita mo sa DPI. (commercial directory beside the landline phone, got it?) hehe. anyway, di ko pa din rinereplace ung original number ko. 2 handsets, 2 sim, which is parehas na globe. thou, sinabi ko na sa madlang people, err, to my groupmates na may new number na ko. pero iisa pa lang naman ang nakakatext ko sa new number ko. and i'm glad na si mr.447 yun. pero, the usual, hindi kami nagkakaintindihan, darn.

woke up around 4:30am, then umalis ako around 6am, pero hindi naman traffic. ang usapan kasi ng groupo, 7am magkikita until 7:30am, and before 8am, makapunta na kami sa HD. nakadating ako ng 6:45am. ate my breakfast, tapos got this exciting (uh, not really) gift from jollibee. actually, i bought a double go-large (burger meals only) for breakfast and free talaga un. it's a bottle of coke with skins (you know that thing? it's like thin plastic na nakabalot sa bottle nun coke). Each bottle represent school in UAAP. so, kahit laglag na sila, i'm proud to tell the cashier na green archers na un kukunin ko. hehe. :)

oh well. that's what my day made of. boring? HAHAHAHA. i know, but i can deal with it. (SOMETIMES.)

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che's 18th >>> 9.13.2009
it's not just an ordinary party. we really had fun last night.

dirty mami, ube cake, antonov, the bar, iced tea, barbeque, isaw ng baboy at manok, chicharon, cream-o, ice. THEY ROCKED MY WORLD! pluss the complete version of TC! yehey!

tipsy, yeah. but i managed to go home by myself.

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drained. stained. >>> 9.12.2009
basa. basa. basa. basa. basa. ang tanong, may naiintindihan ba ako?

ganyan ang gawain ko mula nun mawalanan nang nasuspend un pasok nun wednesday. MIDTERM EXAMINATION WEEK na kasi, and it's kinda toxic, kasi sunod sunod un exams. :(

ME sa skills
-madali lang un theory exam, exception sa mga illustration and those IVF computation! walang calculator! waaah! bat kasi hindi ako marunong magdivide ng may decimals, o kaya un division na lang talaga. :(

post quiz at OB
-eto un inaral ko nang bongga nun wednesday. pasado naman. whew.

ME sa ob
-mabilis ko lang nasagutan un exams. di ko nga lang alam kung pasado. sana.

SW sa funda
-madali lang.. kaso nakalimutan ko un normal values. at ung cut-off. babawi ako, sa quiz mamaya.
deym, zero? nakakawala naman nang gana.. recorded ba to?

quiz sa funda
-nablanko ulit. BABAWI AKO SA ME BUKAS!!! *iyak...iyakk* bat kasi may numbers eh. (irrational na.)

quiz sa he
-perfect. pero di ko naman nabasa to?

ME sa funda
- wala pa! nandito pa nga lang ako sa bahay eh.. basta. 100% sisiguraduhin kong mataas un makukuha ko dun. at para mabawi ko ung pesteng sw & quiz kong nablanko ako.

at ngayon, kakatapos ko lang basahin ung mga lecture notes ko sa kanya. KAPAG HINDI AKO PUMASA DUN OR HINDI MATAAS UN SCORE KO, I WILL HARM MYSELF. (magdidiet ako!)

**greetings lang:
happy 29th birthday kay ate annabel(sept10) & happy 18th birthday kanila cha(sept11) at che(sept12).

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9.9.9 >>> 9.09.2009
this day bought me LUCK. wala akong pasok! sweeeet. sinuspend ni ma'am un class kasi siguro binaha na sila doon sa lugar nila. walang sawa nanaman ako nito sa pag-browse at pag-facebook. nakaligtas ako kahit papano sa pagsugod sa ulan. :) btw, received an update about the signature campaign to petition of re-opening of embassy super club. (the club was closed last month? kasi may incidence of stabbing but not inside the club) and here goes the petition..



Please click this link to sign the petition:

To view the statement made by EMBASSY:

Let's go!
Spread the word....
Invite your friends to sign it via Y!M, Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, your personal blogs, word of mouth, ETC.

Let's make this happen :)



i already signed. actually i'm the 818th. interested? go hit the links! spread the news! i support embassy's reopening. ho-ho-ho! i really missed being in a party! friends, drinks, and PAPAPAPARTYY! :D

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non-stop rain all over manila >>>
yeah. and i'm not in the mood to go somewhere else. kasi hindi naman ako makakaalis ng weekdays nang hindi nakauniform. (except weekends! yey! gala eh!) not that i hate wearing my uniform but i really don't like to stain my uniform with all those wet dirts (may ganun bang word?). deym. all white kaya ako. white gown, white stockings and white shoes. and i don't have my own car pa naman. oops. i also hate driving when it's raining like THIS. non-stop! i have to ride a tricycle, walk 50m and ride a bus. so, naimagine mo na kung gaanong putik un nakuha ko?

argh. kakalinis ko lang pala kagabi nun shoes ko! hahahahha. di na talaga ako papasok. :( i'll just review for midterms examination. 4 pa na subjects..

pero mababawasan un baon ko.. tsaka baka magdiscuss nang bongga si ma'am.. ako din mawawalan..

pero ayokong maputikan.. argh!!!!

pwdeng pakisuspend na lang un class?


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fb finds >>> 9.07.2009
let's just compare THINGS before & THINGS today..

survey taken:
Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 11:40pm

Monday, September 07, 2009 at 02:06pm

What is the weirdest nickname that u ever had?
* weener. ohh. weird kasi un nagbigay. peace kuya rainy! harhar.
+ weener. this time, dalawa na sila.
Have you fell in love with a very close friend?
* not yet. lapit na. as in CLOSE.
+ not yet.
Rate your social life from scale 1 to 10.
* 7. just above the average.
+ 9. friendly na ko. gosh.
Shortest Relationship?
* how bout 2 days? haha.
* 2 days. yeah.
are you missing someone at the
* yes yes.
+ yes. FRIENDS.
Bitter song that best described how you felt the last time you were hurt?
* di na mababawi by sponge cola
+4 in the morning by gwen stefani
favorite love song of all times?
* wait for you - elliot yammin
+ selfish - sunset daze
Whats the best thing about love at first sight?
* no idea. is there such thing as love at first sight? baka spur of the moment lang un? HAHAHA.
+ first impression?
What's the worst thing about love?
* being hurt? when you're not worth of the pain..
+ yeah. pain.
Most favorite stuff in your room?
* my bed! aahhhh
+ pillows.
Favorite love song at the moment?
* 1234 - plain white t's
+ you belong with me - taylor swift
Do you wanna get married?
* yes.
+ in time.
How was school/work today?
* i'm on a vacation.
+ holiday.
Do you love the last boy/girl you were talking to?
* super. :)
+ nah. he's such a douche-bag.
What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
* watching MV of broken strings..
+ uploading pics at MP.
Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you?
* my nephs. naman!
+ mum. nun pinagalitan niya ako.
Last restaurant you went to?
* di ko na alam. it's been a week na hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay!!!
+ sbarro. last saturday with ms. tal.
Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
+ it was my mum.
Did you have an exciting last weekend?
* last week. sobra! more than exciting. :D
+ nah. stayed at home last weekend.
What do you spend most of your money on?
* load ata? foods.. hahah
+ foods. yeah.
Where were you at 1AM sunday morning?
* last sunday? at absinth. 6th anniv baby!
+ at home. review.
Ever kissed someone over 30?
* parents, godparents, grandparents.
+ parents, godparents, grandparents.
Is there a secret you've never told your parents?
* yess.
+ yeah.
Do you like yourself?
* yess.
+ of course.
Have you ever dyed your hair?
* yess.
+ yeah.
Are you wearing a necklace?
* no..
+ nah.
Who is someone you wish you could fix things with?
* LUAP. plssss.
Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?
* it's still him. ONLY HIM.
Are you an emotional person?
* idk.
+ ...
What's something that can always make you feel better?
* laughs.. friends.. :)
+ just crack a joke.
How's your heart lately?
* injected with anesthesia. NUMB.
+ it's still beating..
Are you a cuddler?
* yess.
+ with friends.
Will this weekend be a good one?
* hope tomorrow will be a nice one..
+ sana. parties eh.
What do you want right now?
* i want to HUG him fo real. :)
+ i want to play badminton. :D
Who can always cheer you up?
* anyone who is dear to me.
+ it will always be my FRIENDS.
Who hugged you last?
* nephs.
+ nephs.
Have you ever worn the opposite sex's clothing?
* yess.
+ his shirt.
Are you a kissable person?
* idk.
+ ...
Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
* no idea.
+ OO. deym.
What is your relationship status?
* single.
+ single.
Who was the last person to come to your house?
* basketball playmates.
+ patient.
What would you name your future daughter?
* ryanne :)
+ ryanne :)
What did you eat for lunch today?
* sopas. :)
+ dinuguan.
The last song you heard?
* calle ocho - pitbull
+ fire burning - sean kingston
When is the last time you went to a party?
* last weekend. :P
+ last month?
Do you still talk to any of your ex's?
* yess.
+ yeah.
Name 1 thing good about Friendster?
* layouts!!
+ customizable layouts.
Does anyone know your Friendster password?
* 6some. hackers!!!
+ sila pa din.
Do you eat junk food everyday?
* not everyday but... often
+ often.
Who was the last person to touch you?
* sissy.
+ sissy.
Do you like someone?
* so much.
How's your life lately?
* relaxed.
+ kinda fun. kahit, buryong buryo na dito sa bahay.
What do you think about the current gas prices?
* idc. haha.
+ aaah?
Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
* the last time we ate at gourmet cafe at tagaytay..
+ a long time ago...
Do you believe in love at first sight?
* no. haha.
+ nah.
When is the last time you took a nap?
* kanina?
+ last weekend.
Do you miss anyone?
* yess.
+ friends.
What are you listening to?
* poker face - lady gaga
+ hotel room services - pitbull
Is there one place you'd like visit?
* mall. miss ko na kasi!!
+ badminton court. yeah!
Have you held hands with anyone today?
* nephs..
+ nah.
What are you excited about?
* summer classes?!!
+ parties this weekends! :P

parang wala naman masyadong nagbago... other was still much alike.. except for the feelings and thoughts about likeness and LOVE... yey! it's one fine sign, i'm still weena!~~


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animation: nobody by wondergirls >>> 9.06.2009
shared by nhek sa facebook. ANKULETT. :p

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pizza session 2 w/ ms. tal >>> 9.05.2009
yey! it's our 2nd pizza holiday at sbarro with ms. tal. sayang, hindi nakasama si carla kasi she have to go home na agad to accompany her mom and sis.

arrived at trinoma around 8:30, our class ended seven o'clock pero di kami nakaalis kaagad. it's supposed to be kevin's beerday bash, pero na-postponed ulit kasi über onti lang nun kasama. so we decided to leave at roskca at quarter to eight. the friday traffic got us starving and craving for pasta and pizza. our trip was not that kinda boring 'coz we managed to chat a lot kwento, pero gutom na talaga kami. upon arriving there, über haba ng pila sa MRT and we don't know why, and we don't bother to know na kasi gutom na nga kami. madami ding tao sa mall. shoot! nandon pala ang JABAWOKEEZ. deym. hindi na namin naabutan.

dumerecho na agad kami sa sbarro, at über din daming tao. hangang labas na un pila. and now we're having second thoughts..

me: ang daming tao.
ms. tal: yeah, at gutom na gutom na ako.
me: gusto mo lipat tayo sa SM north? mas malaki un chain nila dun.
ms tal: nah, di ko na kaya. nahihilo na ako.
me: what do you want ba?
ms tal: ziti, chef na lang kaya tayo? (she's referring to chef d'angelo)
me: nandito na tayo eh.
ms. tal: wala naman tayong upuan.
me: makishare na lang tayo, you eye for seats huh.
ms. tal: hey, si TJ Manotoc oh.
me: sabi ko seats, not guys.

then nakakita na ako ng 4-seater with only a couple na naupo, i approached one of the staffs na nagaasisst sa mga customers sa mga seatings kung puwede makishare ng seats and i'm glad the couple just argeed to the idea.

i ordered my ever-favorite pizza which is a Chicago white deep dish and she ordered her usual meal, pinwheel with half baked ziti. both meals came with large sarsi and coke. at xempre hindi ko makakalimutan ung hot sause and crushed red bell pepper ko. eh, kaso, wala nang hot sauce. :( buti na lang mabait si ate (un sa share namin sa table ni ms. tal), binigyan niya ako ng isang sachet ng hot sauce. hindi ko naman mabuksan kasi gutom na nga ako. pero mabait talaga siya kasi sinabi niya sa akin kung paano buksan. HAHAHA. it was kinda humiliating, kasi simpleng sachet, di ko mabuksan. :( pero, gutom lang talaga ako.

after dining in, gumala na kami sa mall ni ms. tal and hoppin sa mga stalls. hanap siya ng dress, ako ng bag. i saw this bag sa pop culture, shoulder bag na pwdeng body bag, pwdeng din siyang lagyanan ng laptop and pwde din pang bulky. price is 1,390php. pero i really want a brat-pack. like jansport, prices ranges from 2,000php - 4,000php, pero 30 years warranty. :P dumaan kami sa aldo accessories, parang nga clearance sale sila doon, wala naman silang bulky bag. then, sa CMG. SALE. Yeah, and i saw this light moss green shoulder bag na mejo bulky pero ok na din and only cost, 399php. talk thrify, i bought it agad. best-buy eh. :P

pagkatapos magikot, kami na din ang nagsarado ng Trinoma. nakipagmeet si ms. tal sa friend niya who happen na friend pala ni kuya(i'm refering to my kuya from HS days.). May ksama din siyang friend niya from school and namomoblema pauwi kasi sa taft pa siya umuuwi and traffic sa EDSA and after 30 mins pa ang byahe ng MRT. pero mas pinili niya ang traffic sa EDSA kesa sa 30min delayed ride sa MRT.

time check: 22:30

waved goodbye kay ms. tal and to her friend, and nakasakay na ako sa bus. buti na lang onti lang un mga pasahero. traffic at pagaantay ng pasahero ang nagpatagal sa akin sa byahe.

time check: 23:00

mum called. ayon, pinagalitan. pero what can i do? eh ang traffic talaga. nagenjoy na nga lang ako sa panunuod ng bubble gang sa bus eh.

arrived at home by 23:30. buti na lang hindi ako napagsarahan ng gate kasi ayoko nanaman magwala sa labas ng bahay namin. :P

pagdating sa bahay, may nakita akong toblerone sa ref. naalala ko nanaman un gutom ko kanina. ilang beses ko nga palang sinabing gutom ako?


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my teething wisdom tooth >>> 9.04.2009
err. what can i tell? it's freaking AWWW. (pain, i mean.) tumutubo na siya sa may upper jaw ko. at first akala ko may singaw na ako kaya inignore ko lang. Pero, bigla na lang hindi ako nakakain nan mabuti, kaya ayon. I asked ate rhea kung ano nga ba un, and she told me my wisdom tooth might be growing na... pero kailangan bang ganun kasakit un? i've asked people from our class kung tinubuan na nga sila non, and what do i always hear? MASAKIT, such a pain, LOSS OF APPETITE, can talk too much, etc... s/sx of growing wisdom tooth..

i can feel maturity into my whole body now.. argh.. i'm going to be an adult soon..

and i'm not yet ready. deym.


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premiere night: the final destination >>> 9.02.2009
Kakanood ko lang nun movie kanikanina sa Megamall. Got two tickets from ate annabel and i brought Trx along. We met at mrt, i have her dress and shoes kasi she came from her school. Mas naunang dumating sila ate rhea and ate annabel. We came around quarter to seven na ata and nagmamadali kami kasi i thought the movie will start at exactly 7:00pm not knowingly na 7:30pm pa pala. So, ayon, tambay lang kami dun sa place kasi may pila din. Dun na din namin mineet sila Ate Rhea. Di na pala kami nakapagdinner kasi may pop corns and potato chips naman doon. Trineat ako ni trx ng pop corn with a drink. (actually, it's a combo) and it made my GI sorta irritate (cause i don't drink cola, by the way, pero ayoko naman tangihan un libre, so it's ok pa din).

Lined up around 7:15pm..

Got in around 8:00pm..

We sat at the upper center part of the theater. Most of the seats there are reserved for VIP, BIR?, and Etc. Di naman napuno un sinehan eh, lalo na un nasa unahan. Then radio jocks from Mellow 94.7 (chole and.. i forgot the guy's name eh, sorry). Raffle of CLEAR shampoos and Dimettap syrups souveniers. Unluckily, none in our group got any of the prizes.

and watched the movie around 9pm..

so, how's the movie? secret. :D watch na lang kayo.

here are some of the scenes..

hunt and her GF.

lori's bf .. until do us apart.

... eeewww.

worst way to die: CAR WASH station.


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my weena >>> 8.31.2009


Her name is Weena
Hey have you seen her?
Everyone says she's amazing
She gets so jealous
She sticks her head up when I'm checkin out the ladies
And she needs so much attention
She's always hanging around

My weena is lonely tonight
She cries when I turn out the lights
She's only happy when I'm holdin her tight
Oh my Weena
Take a look at my Weena

My little Weena
Queen of the scene
And all the girls wanna be around her
Her skin is so soft
I can't keep my hands off
Ever since the day I found her
And she'll make your heart beat faster
With the wink of an eye

My weena is lonely tonight
She cries when I turn out the lights
She's only happy when I'm holdin her tight
Oh my Weena
Have you seen my Weena

Get a load of my

Sometimes she can't sleep at night
And I wake up and she's just a lookin at me
And she snuggles up tight when it's cold outside
She likes to show off when we're walkin the beach
And she's always up for going extra innings
She's a sucker for a happy ending
We may not always agree
She's always here with me

My Weena is lonely tonight
She cries when i turn out the light
She's only happy when I'm holdin her tight
My Weena
My wonderful Weena



heard this song an hour ago at boy night out (89.90fm). i was kinda surprised upon hearing toni toni asking "have you seen my weena?" and it got me. yeah, really. though i knew i'm not the only weena living and err, listening to their show but i know that weena, as a name is unique. some would ask, is that a name?. yer, and they thought it's uwian, meaning dismissed. but to tell you guys, WEENA is a feminine name. yea. you can Google it if you want. and that made me search for this song, and learned that the song.... is for a dog. such a good inspiration, eh?

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some things are better left unsaid >>> 6.22.2009
... kept a message inside my inbox, where i've been told that she had given him a second chance, and same other things occurred in their love story... what am i supposed to do then? why do i have this, urge to respond to that letter she sent to me... but what will be my purpose then? i'm still having second thoughts, third and fourth...

he wasn't my 1st ex-boyfriend, though, he's the recent one. I've known him for being a comedienne. He really makes me laugh, real hard. though it's corny or a green one, he can still make me laugh. He's been a true gentleman. He's kind, and nice too. Down-to-earth type, and what else? He is just extraordinary!!! and i loved him with that traits... no, i loved him just because he showed to me how caring he was... how thoughtful... how sweet... until...

until some things didn't end up how i wished them to be... i lost him, he lost me, and i don't have any idea if he also lost the two girls left.. two girls? yeah, i'm the f*cking fourth party!!!

i found out that all of that traits he showed to me were just lies... body of lies that i've learned to embrace.. and it made my heart, at least, break like crackers.. so crisp.

it took me a lot of effort to acknowledge myself that i don't deserve a jackass (poser, douchebag, moron, shithead,argh!!!!WHATEVER!!) like him.. actually it took me weeks only to realize he is.. counted months, proven that he really wasn't for me, not just because i'm bitter (i admit), it's just because..

i didn't loved him..


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inlove with KIM BUM >>> 6.15.2009
... ohhhhoooohooooooo, paradise...


he's sooooo CUTE. deym.


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ang CMIC.... bow! >>> 4.02.2009
1) Ano section mo nung 1st yr high ka?
-St. Andrew

2) Eh nung 2nd yr?
-St. Augustine

3) 3rd yr?
- Our lady of Fatima

4) 4th yr?
- St. Barachiel

5) Anong best year for u!
- 2nd year

6) Marami ka bang friends nun?
- yesss!

7) Saan kau kumakain kapag lunch?
- madalang kaming kumain sa canteen nun 1st year at 2nd year. pero kami na ang nagreign nun 3rd year at 4th year sa canteen. may sariling spot! hahaha.

8) Saan tumatambay after skul?
- dun sa gilid ng classroom.

9) Lagi ka ba late pag morning?
- oo, ewan ko ba

10) Nasuspend ka na ba?
- muntik na

11) Bakit?
- sasabit sana sa kalokohan ng mga barkada ko. haha.

12) Have u ever danced on stage?
never nitong hiskul

13) Nanligaw ka ba noon? (for boys) May nanligaw ba sau nun (for girls)?
sikreto. :D

14) Nagka bf/gf ka ba nung highschool?
sikreto din. hahah.

15) Sino all time crush mo nun?
- si MJA at si ryan paul angeles. :)

16) Would you go back sa HS?
for sure, the best kasi e. :)

17) Ano lagi mong binibili sa canteen?
red iced tea.

18) Overpricing ba ang canteen nyo?
hindi naman. pinakamura nga e. :)

19) Nakakita ka n ba ng multo sa skul?
wala pa naman.. :D

20) Have you ever sang on stage pag may program?

21) Fave subjects?
Math. grabe.

22) Bumagsak ka n ba?
oo, math. hahaha.

23) Have you ever been sent out?
yes. math ulit.

24) Malayo b ang HS bldg sa canteen?
nope. katapat lng ng bldg.

25) Have you ever ran in the court?
kapag late at kapag CAT

26) Varsity?

27) Do you miss your school?
moments. :)

28) Sino pinaka-dakila sa batch niyo?
sino nga ba? edi mga sec1

29) Ano mga awards mo nun?
best in computer (2nd, 3rd), highest grade in math for 1st quarter, at madami pang iba. hahah.

30)Mga advisers mo?
1-sir tony
2-ma'am lolot
3-ma'am lilia
4-ma'am lilia

31) Naging officer ka ba?
-sa room, oo, PRO at SGT. at arms, hahaha. tapos Model 1st 2nd squad leader, (Officer na ba un?)

32) May nakaaway ka ba nun?
wala naman. :)

33) Anong role mo pag foundation day?
ako ang pinapanuod, hahahah

34) Pinaka close mo nun?
barkada. xempre

35) Pumasok ka ba sa CR ng opposite sex?
once, para mambulabog ng mga nagcucutting

36) Bukod sa CR, san niyo nasubukang magbihis after PE/CAT?
-sa classroom

37) Bukod sa Foundation Day, ano ang fave mong school event?
-wala. haha

38.) Sinong pinakasikat sa batch mo?
-di ko na maalala e


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ang alam ko SIYA na talaga un para sa akin.. >>> 3.31.2009
1. May nangyari ba kagabi na may kabuluhan?
* yeah. star gazing with toot?
2. Kung makakasama mo makatulog X/GF/BF/Crush mo, describe mo nga pano kayo matulog..
* nakapikit. hahaha. nga naman.
3. Pili ka, Probinsyana o Manila girl?
* manila girl.
4. Tingin mo, mature ka na pagdating sa relationships?
* nope.
5. Kung mag papakamatay ka, pano mo gusto gawin?
* iinum ng kung ano2ng gamot. overdose. hmm.
6. Ok lang ba sayo magka GF/BF na 10yrs ang tanda sayo?
* why not?
7. Pili ka na mas ok sayo maging GF/BF.. Bulag, Pipi, o Bingi? (pumili ka dapat ng isa, ndi pwde nde)
* bulag na lang. :)
8. Tingin mo, tama ba ung magkagusto ka sa friend ng X mo?
* why not?
9. Ano gagawin mo pag may GF/BF ka, tpos dumating ung para sayo talaga?
* pano ko malalaman un? eh ang alam ko SIYA na talaga un para sa akin..
11. Describe mo nga current crush mo ngayon..
* mukhang tao.
12. Sa larong Pepsi-seven up, ano pinakaweird na positon ang nagawa mo?
* nakataas un isang paa?
13. ?
* edi k.
14. Ilang beses ka na “Love at 1st Sight”?
* kapag nakakita ng POGI. naman!
15. Naka kiss ka na ba ng person na ndi mo GF/BF?
* uo. nephs. haha.
16. Ano gagawin mo pag nakakita ka ng multo? (friendly ghost)
* no way!
17. Friend mo ba sa friendster ang sobrang crush mo?
* hanapin mo. :)
18. Lagi mo vnview profile nya?
* kapag trip ko lang.
19. Nagka crush ka na ba sa kahit cnong relative mo?
* hindi pa naman.
20. Ano mas nakaka kilig, kiss o hug?
* hug. :)
21. Ndi mo pa din makalimutan hanggang ngayon? (dapat ilagay ung name, ndi pwde wala)
* MICHAEL. hulaan kung sino yan. HAHAHAHA.
22. Pano kung long time crush mo naging close mo ulet ngayon, pero may BF/GF ka na.. may tendency ba na iwan mo BF/GF mo?
* oops. hindi ko ipagpapalit si PRESENT sa kahit kanino/
23. ?
* kainin mo. haha.
24. Kung bigla may lumapit sayo na stranger, sobra HOT, niyaya ka 1 nightstand..
* anong gagawin ko?
25. 1st love never dies? tama ba?
* never dies in terms of comparing and.. gossiping?
26. GF/BF mo asa states, malabo na bumalik, lalandi ka ba dito sa Pinas?
* pwde din, di na pala babalik e.
27. Tingin mo, ano tingin ng ibang tao sayo?
* MAGANDA.. hahahaha
28. San ka huling nadulas at pano?
* hindi ko na maalala. pasensya,
29. Kung magbabakasyon ka kahit sang lugar at pwde ka magsama ng isa lang, saan at sino isasama mo?
* SIYA lamang, sa kahit saang lugar na alam kong ieenjoyin namin. :)
30. Kung magddate ka ng artista, ano gusto mo, komidyante o dramatic actress/actor?
* komidyante.. si POOH!!
31. Pano pag nakita mo sa restaurant crush mo, nakangiti sayo, un pala, nakabukas zipper mo, ano reaksyon mo?
* wtf?!
32. Ano gusto mo, Conservative o Liberated?
* liberated na mejo conservative. what?
33. Weakness mo pag kniss ka dito.. san?
* neck. kiliti. hahaha.
34. Pano pag nakakita ka na tao sobrang kamuka mo, ano reaksyon mo?
* ayyyy! may kasing ganda ko pa pala. :D
35. Pili ka, walang tulog, o walang gising?
* walang tulog! hahah
36. Gusto ko ____________?
* SIYA hanggang wakas! :)
37. Mabilis o mabagal?
* mabagal... :)


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